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Reviews for "LL-Gardevoir Porn"

Didn't quite understand it.

It started off with a nice funny with the phrase from Strawberry Lock "Rock out with your Lock out",as for the rest of the flash it started with a lot of text i didn't quite understand then when the actual animation came on it was very short and i didn't quite understand that either,i'll give it a decent score cause i'm sure it's just an underhanded joke that others understand and would like so i'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

this made me laugh...

Funny how he thought he snuck in undetected and dia is staring at him from only 9 ft away....and then he shocks the crap out of him!

nice one dude :D


very funny makes no sense

great... sorta

Im trying to restrain my inner pervert but its not into bdsm so this will be short. As a member of NG i vote on quality and point. you scored quality and made me laugh but i was kinda hoping for some gardevoir, but nontheless 8/10. anyone reading this send some of ur pics of gardevoir to graingervon@yahoo.com

Galloglasses responds:

Er.... Thanks for the comment, but on the Gardevoir issue...


No, just no, =[


I always though Gardevoir was the sexiest poke. Looks like I'm not alone. :D