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Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"


lol pretty lights 1 thing i dont understand tho...if hez a noob y wuz he wearing rune armor?

Lopaxe responds:

his name is imnotan00b, doesn't it say anything?


It's still good, but the one's before it were better. #4 was probably the best so far.

plzzzzzz no 1 blam it's funny

realy!!!! wow.... rofl!!! =) this was realy funny how can i pirite fly on a telly !!!!! (runescape rocks))))))

very kool

i signed the 6 newbiescape but i forgot my msn add me if ya want its hank93@hotmail.co.uk!!!
reminder if u want lods of money on real runescape email me!


I play RuneScape myself so this sort of reminded me of when i was new. I really thought it was funny when Zezima was flying on the teletubbie. And then the chicken kills him even with rune plate and legs, that was one strong chicken I guess.