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Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"


It's just like me when I joined Runescape...great!
But you should find someone else 4 the women's voices!

nice work

it was great, wheres newbiescape 4 though??

Lopaxe responds:

there is newbiescape 4, it's about to get 25k views atm, around 300 views left.

Pretty good...

This one was very short but it was ok I guess..


the chicken joke was so lame. There is only so much a iamnotan00b can talk about.

(( NOTBAD ))

I thought it was notbad, kinda neat with a story and a game like interaction, so nice job on that, the characters were interesting, they could use some graphics detail such as more shades and detail in the color like pants and shirt, overall its not a bad flash/game.

Some more refineing of the characters like shades and such.

Fun game and flash story.