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Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"


Hi, Lopax btw my RS user is Lukecv999 and my NG User is Kalius this was a great movie much better then your other ones (could of been a little longer) but it was ok i luv the new grahpics ;) well done dude ps: come on MSN


Completly senceless.

I enjoyed it

I think it was a parody of Runescape right? I liked it though. Gave me quite a Chuckle!

er...Wow? that was one wierd outake of Fable!

er...Wow? that was one wierd outake of Fable! the sound was kinda lame to be truthful (sorry bro) but that scene with the pirate riding the teletubby was Hilarious! Gnarly!


man all of your movies are so funny!!! the best part was "the lump of shit"