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Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"

runscape sucks

I palyed runescape. i even built a house. me and my bro played on the same acount. and i didnt play alot but got to see most of the game and even get to level 40 in building houses.
so i know what i say when i say runescape suck, its boring and has very shiti graphics.
the ones that say that the graphics here are bad... are stupid. coz its better than runscape graphics (by far).
keep making them its funny.

Lopaxe responds:

Ty for review, i think i will...


that was pretty funny how you were trying to make fun of runescape there


That was cool! :)
What was up with the random zezima guy flying around on a teletubbie!? XD lmao Horny hawk rofl... Also like the improvement of the graphics, a lot better! and imnotan00b is actually not a noob anymore... he has rune! :P I thought it was a bit less funny and a bit short (like u mentioned before) so a perfect 10 isn't what i'm giving just yet! :) 9 is very good though so don't hit me please! *hides under bed*

Lopaxe responds:

Ty for review :) yes, it was completely senceless and short, but, what the heck... i like it


I play runescape..and i realize your trying to make fun of it..

But it sucked..

...graphics were terrible..and if you were smart or maybe good at comedy..this coulda been funny...

But...it wasent.


great spoof

I used to play runescape, but i quit to play guildwars cause its much better. I love the way you made fun of it, i was always looking for some1 to make fun of it. Keep it up