Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"


Well, the music was good.

not what I expected

Im sorry but I though newbiescape5 would have been better. Sure I like how u improved the characters but I just didnt like this one. I liked 1-4 a lot. But this one ehhh.....too short. And really dumb. It was still a good flash. but I expected better from u.

Almost great

Some music would have been nice. Also, if you didn't say OMG I might have voted better ;\ Christian for life.


i hate runescape

Well done!

This is a good flash animation. And yes, Runescape does suck, and the people saying the graphics suck are morons because it's actually quite good considdering it's better than any shit ever seen on Runescape.

However, the plot was missing, it was humerous but not funny. Try a little harder on the script next time.

I see room for improvement but you're on the right path as far as the animation goes. Good work, I would support you to make more flash animations.

And seriously don't listen to the morons saying graphics is bad, it's GOOD! (Just to end on a posetive note)