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Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"

rofl lmfao lol!!!!!!! You did it zero films!

Ive been waiting for this for quite some time since I reviewed your last flash,(newbiescape 4) You had said you were going to get rid of those sticks and the character design is tight! Ive reviewed all ure submissions and I could use a great rs toon and some great gut busting humor. Best Noobiescape ever.

p.s. If u look under the the submitions on all ure films ive reviewed them. Also I wish I could hang out with you in runescape. Remember my name is blkbeard22, Im an 82 combat so Im not a n00b lol.

Your no.1 fan,
runescapeplaya1356 or blkbeard22 (whichever fits your liking)

My RS s/n

I'm "Meepitme"

I don't log on very often, but it would be an honor to have you on my buddy list!


i liked the part with tony hawk and the evil chicken.

and also, will you add me? i'm rvb-shard

Lopaxe responds:

Horny Hawk will catch you!


aaaa i got banned for saying F U !!!!!!!!!!

annyway its funny :P

Lopaxe responds:

lol ty


kinda funny at the end lol still very wierd series u got there

Lopaxe responds: