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Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"

very good.

You fixed the graphics. yay. It's pretty short and confusing. Did you do all the voices? I'm lazy to read the credits. Anyway if it was good job. It made it funnier, which it really didn't need becuase I was busy laughing at the guy riding on the teletubbie on a rainbow. Keep it up.

Lopaxe responds:

:D:D oh yes... i will... atleast, one episode...


it was amazing, he isnt a newb, but hes still a noob... lol... or is it the other way around? anyways... very good, but can u tell me why the hell zezima is riding a flying tellytubby?

Lopaxe responds:

Because he's on drugs

nice one...

this was really funny...atlast our charctar is not stupid idiotic noob...he even has rune armour...nice work

Lopaxe responds:

thx for review :)


Holy shit dude, that was seriously one of the most god-awful pieces of trash I've ever seen. I had NO fucking idea what was going on most of the time, and if you didnt have the captions, I wouldn't even be able to understand what the FUCK anyone was saying, because it sounded like you were stangling yourself while you did the voice acting. Do you happen to be foreign/have some sort of accent? If so, I forgive you, but if not, what the hell are you even SAYING in the flash? "I gonna give you a skateboard?"

Lopaxe responds:

yes... im foreign....

Runescape steals souls

Hey runescapell steal your soul (it makes people addicted to it) i like any thingmaking fun of it .