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Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"


I loved this, especially random event madness. I loved it very much. But I have to ask you a few questions. Please answer them ASAP:

1. WTH is he doing with rune armour? He hasn't done a single quest. And the rune platebody requires dragon slayer, and trust me it ain't easy. And it's expensive. So could you show me list of quests he's finished in the deleted scenses?
2. His name is mysterious old man not mysterious old *******, got it?
3. What the hell is the guy prepending to be Zezima doing with teletubbies? What do you like about them? It's nothing but reapet again and again and again, every last show of them.

Other than that this is great. Keep it up ;)


the graphics became better, cool..."...we were sitting by the lump of shit,..."? nice xD and the south park thing was pretty cool, the teletubi with iamzezima was pretty strange... xD and nice ending!! xDDD, the thing that the imnotan00b was with full rune was strange.... nice movie...

its all down hill

worst yet no scammer and wats with the teletubi i liked zezima in this he looked kool and the only thing good with this is that the graphics were better


Worst in the series but it was cool-ish

lol! omg! lmao! rofl!

omg lump of shit! mysterious old muther fucker lolololollololol lmao