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Reviews for "NewbieScape 5"

awesome improvment

humor is kinda better.Way better art then previous episodes...but you have scaling issues.S0 overall nice job

Funny, but...

It was funny, but it was way too short and one thing I noticed the Imnotan00b guy had blond hair in the 1-3 ones and then brown in 4 and 5. Whats up with that? And he was a noob, now suddenly he has full rune or bluerite or whatever that armor is.

3 for the animation

The only good thing was the animation, it wasnt funny it was stupid and the voices
sucked shit.

zezima is riding a teletubby shitting out rainbows

wtf roflmao wtfomgbbq lols 10/10 just for that privalege

dude they gettin worse

dont lose it, man!