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Reviews for "Arrow tag"


Yes, I beat the entire thing.
Yes, it took some time and MANY mistakes.
Yes, this game completely rocked.

Good job. I loved every bit of it, as frustrating as it got. You took the generic "mouse game", put some quality work into it, and made it something challenging and fun while somehow managing to give it its own original style. I never thought I'd be putting such an utterly simple game into my favorites, but this was well worth it.

Great game!

I gave up on level 11, but I will be back to beat it! Excellent mouse skill testing!

Great Game

Just about the right level of challenge. I got kinda tired of playing after I got to the 20th level though, the only advice I would give is to have backgroud music that's appropriate.

Your games fail to dissapoint

This is by far in my opinion one of the most addictively fun games on Newgrounds so far. Like all your games it has a level of class and smoothness that many games on newgrounds do not have. I'm just shocked its not scored higher than it is, because it deserves it

Something happened with my sound loop though, it stopped looping halfway through the game.

realy nice one.

this was a nice game , but sometimes i get REALY frsutrated with it =P just like lvl 16 -.- still cant beat it... ! i'm usualy real patient but anyways , theres some bugs like sometimes the time isnt up and it stop and says the time is up , sometimes the switch things we got to hit rigth and left close before its realy completed but that isnt a bad one =P anyways keep up the good work , make a screw it button for hard lvls xD