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Reviews for "Arrow tag"

Daymn, that's a pretty hard game!

Very unique and well designed, well done.

20:20 flat! This is SO fun, but it's FRUSTRATING!

I loved the game, but it would've been a bit easier if you could tell what the different symbols mean, and maybe there could be an easier difficulty, so maybe the DON'T TOUCH blocks won't automatically kill you, but drain your time very quickly. I liked this game, I'm gonna try to beat my time!

aslkfdfds nice!

Such a very great game. Loved every bit of it, good adrenaline rush.

good but it's abit crap with cordless mouse's

well any ways i have to give abit for de graphics they are surprb
good job

Whoa not bad!

The final, however was pretty easy.
I beat the game!! :)