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Reviews for "Arrow tag"


This is an enjoyable game. Difficult as hell but very amusing and original.

20:20 flat! This is SO fun, but it's FRUSTRATING!

I loved the game, but it would've been a bit easier if you could tell what the different symbols mean, and maybe there could be an easier difficulty, so maybe the DON'T TOUCH blocks won't automatically kill you, but drain your time very quickly. I liked this game, I'm gonna try to beat my time!

not bad!!! i can not go to lvl 9.. well one time i

did to lvl 13.. then mine FOCKIN daddy shut off the pc for NO reasoN!! THAT %!@^#&(!@&$!)@!_$(!& RUINED THE GAME!!! AND LVL 8 IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!_ Good game!! ØØØØØ...
Måke ænother gåme plæs

mousegames around

++ Some nifty gfx.

++++ Varied gameplay

--- On level 19, the only way I seemed able to win was to take my mouse out the window, then come back in from the top. Not sure if that was intended or not, but it felt like cheating.

+ I like how you forced us to move through the red circles on a couple of occasions, forcing us to rethink strategies.

Cool game. my final time was '25 mins' but I wasn't playing all that time, so it was probably closer to 10 mins.

Enjoyed it while it lasted. One of the best mousegames around, and I think I've played a substantial number.

13.38 =]

lol that was really fun and compared to all those other mouse games, urs is very original, especially with that gun thing lol godo job ^-^