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Reviews for "Arrow tag"

that game waz tha shit

GREAT JOB i fucking loved it. makes ur mouse speed fast az hell make more=)

Sweet!!! Got me hooked

Lol, this game was amazing i played the first level, then got stuck on the second once i completed the second level i was hooked for ages!! GJ keep it up!


this game rocks keep em comin

Brilliant... simply brilliant...

That was truly amazing. These games involving playing with the mouse as you do in this tend to get boring after a minute or 2 but i can tell I wouldn't have lost interest in this one for a long time. I wish there were more toys. The only thing standing in my way from getting hooked on this was the end of the game.

I completed it with a score of 13:11, PM me to tell me your scores everyone, i want to know if imine's good or not.

I confess to having cheated a few times. I won't detail on how.

@iDomo there's something which you can add more time it was located almost at the left side