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Reviews for "Arrow tag"


That game was great, and as u say is very difficult. i dont know how many levels there were, but i couldnt get past 16....O well. Nice work

ok i gusse

the game was good but their was to little time still a good game i gusse

wow smart game gets you thinking quickly.

it got boring because the song ended and each lvl very hard only the creator of this game could win easily. but very good game make more.


im not sure whether i was the only one who noticed this or noy but the the countdown was wrong it would say i heve like 3 seconds left then it would explode which was annoying considering those 3 seconds cost me passing one lvl anyway alright game

good game

its really good but the music stopped when i got to the black area.
i finished it in 8 mins 49 seconds.