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Reviews for "Arrow tag"

Creative Mind puzzle. Hand/Eye Coordination a must

Awesome mind puzzler and mouse trainer. I don't know if I cheated by using a Wacom tablet, but it still took over 20 minutes to complete. I'll definetly add this to my favorites list and be back for some more mad mouse training.

Think of this as the X-Men Danger Room for your mouse.


AHHH this game had me sooo pissed off. i wanted to fucking chuck my controler 30 feet across me room but i never stoped playing. im still on like level 4 but man its fun

That sucked

i hated this game i am sorry please dont take this wrong but i hate these kind of games

Looks simple but is deceptively difficult.

It's a fantastic game. At first I was irritated by the lack of instructions but as I progressed through the levels I began to enjoy the fact that I had to figure out what to do as well as beat the clock.
My only suggestion is give the cursor some "character" and same goes for the "arrow" that you have to collect.
Keep up the good work. This is one difficult game and I've enjoyed it more than anything else I've seen lately.

not bad!!! i can not go to lvl 9.. well one time i

did to lvl 13.. then mine FOCKIN daddy shut off the pc for NO reasoN!! THAT %!@^#&(!@&$!)@!_$(!& RUINED THE GAME!!! AND LVL 8 IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!_ Good game!! ØØØØØ...
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