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Reviews for "Arrow tag"


I nearly dropped my mouse playing that game! lol but anyway, good job!

Too hard and no menu

Graphics: simple yet satisfying and clean.

Style: No menu, but a cool style, it's not very appealing overall.

Sound: A variety of good sounds, as clear as they are though, this variety isn't very big.

Interactivity: Too hard, simple fun that's good and bad.

Great and challenging

Oh well, the first try i did was the hell because i thought i'd to press the left mouse button in order to pop any single object or get the rows...
Countless tries on level two if you play like i did :)

Then i understood the rules and i've played again like 15/20 times.
My record now is 3'22"4 with a quite clean and smooth run (no errors off course nad some good strategies for most levels).

It's a great game for both training and challenging, but:
-Sometimes it does not count a level although is cleared and you loose time w/o having failed. That is very annoying.
-Not everyone can handle the mouse well enough to finish the game: maybe the solution is letting the player choose the difficulty level (then adapt the unit time).
-Levels are not in difficulty order. I never failed the shooter like levels (15-16-17) but sometimes i fail levels between 10 and 14
-An online chart with best cumulative and single level times will be very apreciated!


I like ur games very much, because they are so original!
U have good ideas, and i hope u continue making flash...


13.38 =]

lol that was really fun and compared to all those other mouse games, urs is very original, especially with that gun thing lol godo job ^-^