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Reviews for "Arrow tag"


That was awesome. i beated the game!

Brilliant... simply brilliant...

That was truly amazing. These games involving playing with the mouse as you do in this tend to get boring after a minute or 2 but i can tell I wouldn't have lost interest in this one for a long time. I wish there were more toys. The only thing standing in my way from getting hooked on this was the end of the game.

I completed it with a score of 13:11, PM me to tell me your scores everyone, i want to know if imine's good or not.

I confess to having cheated a few times. I won't detail on how.

Arrow Tag

Great work, just one thing, you don't give us enough time get throught the levels, and you should make a better flash game where you can shoot things or build things...


This was fun, good for the times when you get bored, it was abit confusing at first and i didnt see an instructions button, you could also do something with the backrounds besides the blank whites.

Add some backrounds.

Fun game good fast paced game.



fun, but extremely annoying.