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Reviews for "Arrow tag"

Too hard, too fast

Stylistsically beautiful, but the difference between level 1 and level 2 was HUGE. The little timer bonuses hardly gave you any time at all. Oh, and when you choose "retry", the bonuses don't reset, which is just cruel.

I realize you said "high difficulty", but still -- give us a chance, eh, m8?

Great stuff

Good for gamers. I used to be a lot faster. Level 10 bugged me so I stopped. I'll play it later on cause I wanna see the rest.

5/5 10/10

lvl 14 ...

when i got to lvl 14 i couldent beat it and when i tryed around 50 trys my mouse blows up (like ii alwas dos on that lvl) but the stage didnt come back i was just a mouse in a big black box ... ... but the flash was great pissed me off alot but i played 4 awile

Meh... Nice but...

It got too hard too fast i think.


The introduction is quite charming. the game itself is. Gameplay was fun i like how you mixed it up with different obstacles. that made it great i love your games hope to see more next time try to make it more graphically impressive. The sound was also good with sound FX.