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Reviews for "Arrow tag"

that game waz tha shit

GREAT JOB i fucking loved it. makes ur mouse speed fast az hell make more=)

Wow. Good way to take up a half hour.

The game took me 27:56:2. It's a good challenge. I'm not a big fan of mouse games, but this one was really creative. More than just the "reach the goal without touching anything" idea. Good job to you, hope this gets front page/some portal awards.


Graph- Cuz I dont think you could do better graphics in a mouse skill game

Style- I likes the mouse it was cool. It was pretty cool when it transformed in a laser gun:P

sound- the music was decent and the sfx were good

violence- There was explosions

Interactivity-You could do lots of actions as a simple cursor.

humor- well ther wasn't any funny things in the game

The game was awsome, I didn't ever imagined that a mouse game could be that cool.

Very addicting. Very hard.

This game is awesome, I love it, it really tests your skills with your mouse. There have been mouse skill games before but this is the best! I gave sound a zero, but only because my sound card is broken and I don't want to rate something good when I don't like it.

Real nice

This game was real fun, the final lvl was way too easy though, because you had so much time.