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Reviews for "Arrow tag"

20:20 flat! This is SO fun, but it's FRUSTRATING!

I loved the game, but it would've been a bit easier if you could tell what the different symbols mean, and maybe there could be an easier difficulty, so maybe the DON'T TOUCH blocks won't automatically kill you, but drain your time very quickly. I liked this game, I'm gonna try to beat my time!

Good concept

Is it just me or does anyone else thing this guy should be making games for the new nintendo Wii, any ways I liked this game alot it was challenging and fresh. For all the people who cant get past level 2 here is a hint (note.it may take a little bit of time to set up) go to your control panel then go to mouse then to pointer options and set the mouse speed to maximum wave it around a bit to get used to it then play. For thoes of you who have it also turn on mouse acceleration. Warning this may make you less of a noob at many games due to the enhanced aming speed.


This is an enjoyable game. Difficult as hell but very amusing and original.

I Would Rather Shit Then Play Wit It

Dont Play This Game It Gave Me Gass

this game sux a**

tha first level u get to times that give u 2 more seconds. wats tha f***ing point of this game n e ways? its retarded. dont ever play this