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Reviews for "Arrow tag"

good game

wasnt necessarily easy but doable... i only got realllllly pissed at the level before the last one... only rly hard one imo.. but very nice game, graphically done well, had a lot of points to it but figured it out... i liked it a lot. was just challenging enough to have to put a lot of effort, but not so hard you have to give up. well done.

aslkfdfds nice!

Such a very great game. Loved every bit of it, good adrenaline rush.

realy nice one.

this was a nice game , but sometimes i get REALY frsutrated with it =P just like lvl 16 -.- still cant beat it... ! i'm usualy real patient but anyways , theres some bugs like sometimes the time isnt up and it stop and says the time is up , sometimes the switch things we got to hit rigth and left close before its realy completed but that isnt a bad one =P anyways keep up the good work , make a screw it button for hard lvls xD


I couldn't get past level 2...



The music feels like a bad 90's porn movie theme and the sounds like FX from The Prize Is Right - but overall i had good times with this stressful game.
After the 10th level, it gets verry difficult (especially the one with the "Don't Touch!" panel moving from right-to-left with switches both sides you have to activate 10 times in a row... ). Frustrating!
Still a nice game - keep it up!