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Reviews for "Arrow tag"

Good, chalenging game

That was a fun game, only problem was with dumb comp, kept going slow whenever I picked up a time on the last level, stupid thing... but yea, 8min 36.7 sec. for me. Good creativity, could have been better, try putting in some back rounds, I liked when you turn into ship, heheh, boom! Have diff. music selections available, same song can get boring, also a pause button, hate to be close to beating a level and have to go somewhere bc of family and such. All and all a good game, I liked it, keep up the good work and make more.

My time:


Fun game though quite frustrating at times. I liked the shooter type missions.

Great Game! :) Bit laggy at times though.

Great game very hard... I finished in 25 Minutes and 24.8 Seconds. :)


haven played one liddat b4. v challenging. great to waste time awae. (: gd music too.

good but it's abit crap with cordless mouse's

well any ways i have to give abit for de graphics they are surprb
good job