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Reviews for "Arrow tag"

@iDomo there's something which you can add more time it was located almost at the left side

Great game!

I gave up on level 11, but I will be back to beat it! Excellent mouse skill testing!


I couldn't get passed level two!


Oh well xD

It was awsome though n.n

Damn Carpel Tunnel!

Man that was hard... thing is THAT'S WHAT IT IS supposed to be, hence that's why he said its for "mouse cursor ├╝berusers" and that it is "high difficulty", So for those who whine, suck it up cause you're just not good enough to beat it!

As for the game itself, it's a good way to test your mouse awesomeness. The later levels were tricky to manuver, the turret levels, though easier, were fun to play, and overall, it made me want to see it through the end.

The ONLY problem... it's harder for slower comps (aka my cruddy Mac mini w/ PowerPC processor) with the build up of objects cauing lag, but thats the crappy computer's fault

In all, lots of fun, but I wouldn't recommend this game to those with weak wrists, low patience, and/or those who whine cause it's too hard for them to handle. Keep up the work my man, cause there are still a bunch of us who can't wait for the next one!

make the time longer!

make the time longer! I'm very good at games like this but the length of time on some of those levels seem to be way too short. or rather they burn up too quickly. otherwise great game.