Reviews for "Zelda: UO Epis:1"

Pretty Good

The reason i gave you a 9 in overall is because Link is really Hylian

ScootLumpDude responds:

Ah yes. he's a hylian in Ocarina Of Time. This isn't Ocarina of time Link.

Liked it!

Hey, I actually have the overclocked remix of Saria's song on my comp... interesting! Anywho... I liked your second part better, but this was still good!

Btw... "Rofl" stands for "rolling on floor laughing"

it was really good

this was awsoeme i also saw pt2 which was more aswoeme cant wait for pt 3

Good! Here's some pronounciations...

This is how I pronounce them, even though they're wrong.
Deku- Doo Koo (like the star wars guy)
Saria- Sair- ee- uh
Mido- Mi (like in MIght) doh
Kokiri-Ko Kee ree
Navi- Nah-Vee
Ocarina: Oh Ca Ree Nuh
Please respond to these!
yes, I know they're wrong, but this is how I pronounce them.
I also prounoucne
Melee: Mee-Lee
Soy Sauce:
So-wee sauce.

ScootLumpDude responds:

That's for the help, but there's were quite a few ya got wrong. Trust me. i promise i know what i'm doing with this series.

"its good"

Its good but short make them a longer