Reviews for "Zelda: UO Epis:1"

Great job, :)

Where could I get the song you used at the begining of this flash.

Very good movie

Very good submission, but short. but still one of the best movies on ng compared to some of the crap on here. good job. ^_^

perfect for an intro

I think you have a lot of potential. Its one of the best mobies i've seen.

This was just amazing! MORE MORE MOREEE

Dude, have you concidered to revive the zelda anime on television because I think you have something going right now. It would be awesome to have all zelda return to television with YOUR artwork.

Also, where did you get that music for the kokiri forsest remix cause I cant find it anywhere.


ScootLumpDude responds:

The Kokiri forest remix? I can't really remember. I could email it to you.


perfect man nuff said i like it alot cant wait thats all