Reviews for "Zelda: UO Epis:1"

Buttface! It's time...lol

Aaah, brings back so many memories from LoZ-OoT.

That was okay.

Your animation was good. I liked the part when Sarias fariy went into the tree. Lol


i like the part where mido suddenly shows up out of nothing and says buttface! best part.


It's ok...Saria's accent is 120% ANNOYING! And Mido's little comment at the end makes him look stupid.


it was ok, a little short, and yet so many errors. if these were supposed to be the same names as ocarina of time, you butchered the pronounciation of their names, except link's. and the village wasnt kokiria, just kokiri. anyway it was ok, i like the graphics and the fact that they have voices.