Reviews for "Zelda: UO Epis:1"

oh wow, i remember when this first came out

And i did not know that you made a entire series with it, kinda thought it died because i only remember seeing like 2 episodes


This is pretty good for a first episode.


I know everything about Zelda, and spent much of my childhood and teenage years playing those games. But what really pisses me off, and this is my personal opinion it in no way reflects the quality of this flash. Is how, when people make "anime looking" flashes. They try to capture the cute elements that the Japanese try to put into they're cartoons. And inject it like steroids into whatever movie they're making. Where as in America, we don't really have that much "cutness" in our games/cartoons. I hate how everyone wants to emulate that crap. But that's just me, you put a lot of work into this flash, I would just like to see something a little less generic.


i love legend of zelda and it was awesome too