Reviews for "Zelda: UO Epis:1"

great job!

I love the whole series you made :D very good

ima confused

so does this take part before link grows up? or after Link Goes seven years to the Future? or is this just indebendent series that has link but no real connection to any of the series??? woah this is confusing

well whatever it still was good only thing i did not like was the music.....
i hate'd it.....i like Rock not this stupid disco whatever....


This is so awesome! They should make a game on this!


OMG i love this Zelda. The new story is very cool and, Zelda is my favorite game.
I have 5 Zelda at home but, this Zelda is very VERY! Mutch better than the orther games I play.

dont see

i just dont see why you would stop