Reviews for "Zelda: UO Epis:1"

My thoughts episode by episode

Ep 1: This is pretty cheesy, but its got high reviews and theres a lotta them, so i'll give it a chance.
Ep 2: Well, it became even stupider...
Ep 3:Huh, well it just got interesting ^^ was wondering why he mispelled it.
Ep 4:OOH, this is pretty good, gotta finish this now!
Ep 5:HOLY CRAP! Where did that come from! (watches rest with fervor)
Ep 6+7:(To into it to really think)
Ep 8:Hurry up and finish college man, you gotta get back to doing this!

Good luck with college, do well and finish this up! And people say Link shouldn't talk...

your wrong

hey rockXlight theyre different stuff than before iu saw ep 3 2 and 4 so yeah

Very disappointing

After such a cool prologue, I have to say I'm really disappointed in this first episode.
I just can't see what others have seen in it. I know you probably wrote this years ago, but its worth mentioning that the writing is a bit...under par compared to the many, many great OoT flashes out there. Not to be mean, but new Kokiri characters? A food court? A public fight with Mido? Despite this episode's short length, I seriously almost couldn't finish it. These characters weren't mean to be acting like teenagers, for crying out loud, and even if they were teenagers they wouldn't be cliché American high school type teenagers, would they?

But even despite those unsavory elements I would watch the next episode if it were not the terrible mispronunciation of nearly every character's name. It's not MID-DOE, it's MY-DOE. And it's not, SA-RIE-AH, it's SA-REE-AH, or SAH-REE-AH. And it's Kokiri Forest, not Kokiria Forest. I've never seen these mistakes made anywhere else. How any Zelda fan could listen to it and not cringe is beyond me.

On the plus side, however, the animation is quite lovely, and for the most part the voices were recorded and acted (aside from the aforementioned pronunciation issues) rather well. Technically speaking, this is a fine flash cartoon in my opinion.
But--again, in my opinion--the content is where it suffers as a whole.

You say you want to devote your free time into something than can get you somewhere in the future, so let me offer the most constructive criticism possible with regard to this series: don't look back, just let it be.


It was cool but two things...
1) The kokkiri never grow, they will look like kids forever, yours look like teens
and 2)They are kokkiri not ninja
but other then that it was cool


awesome and really epic series and to nelorzoul thats impossible you were 8 but 5 years later you are 19 i dont think thats possible but keep up the good work scoot