Reviews for "Zelda: UO Epis:1"

you people are splittin hairs

so its not the exact story bfd its obvious there was alot o work put into this. newgrounds is all about origionality. this shows it. im glad its on the front page and im glad ya made it. you put a new twist on a good story. say are you gonna have weapons in there?

one line summary...yay

what a happy, shitty n00b flash. this is the kind of stuff that keeps sticking on your hand (probably attracting a lot of flies at the same time) if you could insert your hand into the NG portal and pull it out again.

what actually happened in that 'flash' anyway? just a lot of crappy animation that's too fast to make any sense anyway. my dog could supply better voice-overs too. while being molested by the cat next door.

my advise, first learn to animate, then think of something worth animating.
link,mario and sonic have been raped for these kinds of flashes so often their collective assholes could hold the entirety of the NG portal by now.

and let me guess... why don't I make a flash then you ask? it's true, you're better then me, and that's exactly why I don't put garbage up like that. I'd want to actually learn flash first. maybe learn how to draw too, that seems to help. you might wanna try that sometime.

now if you'll excuse me, I need to tend to the bleeding of my eyes your junk has inflicted upon me.

*and I thought the flashes advertised on the front page would be decent at least >.<

Good start dude...

You somehow made them all older-feeling/looking...that's kool...lookin forward to the next installment dude!

ScootLumpDude responds:

Yep. They are older. And they're not the exact same saria and link from ocarina of time. That'ss be explained in part 4.


I have a feeling that this was a tad rushed. Several things that I noticed:
-The dubs have Navi saying something before Link jumps out, but we never actually hear it. Its only up for a split second, then its gone.
-During the chase though the forest, it get very akward when youre rushing foreward, then stop to move some branches, then rush foreward again. I understand the need for this affect, but make the moving of the branches part of the chase, dont stop it and hold us up.
-The sound was way off when Saria jumped on Link.
-When Mido says "It's time." the word "Time" isnt on screen, just the "It's".
-Way too friggin short. (That was training? He got jumped on.)

Other than that, it was pretty good. The character designs were very nice, although Mido looked nothing like his in-game counterpart. Could have been better, so hopefully youll address some of these issues in the next installment.

Good flash but kind of a teaser

This submission wasn't great in graphics but makes up for it in originality and interesting plot. This submission was short so there
isn't much to say about it but i am looking foward to the next episode
cuz this flash leaves ya wanting more...