Reviews for "Zelda: UO Epis:1"

Not that great.

The drawing could have been much better. The faces looked funny when they were supposed to be though ^_^. Voices were alright..


omg! it's kokori! not kikiori or something.. and besides, link never talks and his voice seems a little, well.. boring
however the story doesn't make sense at all (cuz link doesn't have to fight mido) it's very good animated and you placed the music right
and mido doesn't have red hair.. well.. it sucked.. pretty bad
i hope the sequel will be better

A lot of potential here...

This certainly has the potential to go somewhere. The animation and style was excellent, the soundtrack was well chosen (though kinda a no-brainer, one has to give credit where it's due), and the voice acting was very good, however, you kinda left your viewers hanging after only a minute, give-or-take, without going into the plot, so the true quality of the series depends on the next episode. I look forward to your next submission.

cool, cool

Not too bad...made me wana go pull out my old 64 tho.......sigh.....

How did this get on the front page?

"Oh well here we go another Zelda flash" I said to myself when clicking upon the front page link.
Right from the start it looked like an Adam Phillips rip off and it continued that way. My speakers were turned right down because of the terrible voice acting, thus I struggled to get into it. I've watched the second Episode and that was moderatley better.
I am baffled how this could of possibly made the front page but I can see the effort that was puy into this.

So good luck with the rest of the series