Reviews for "Upstairs"

-_- *Yaaaaaaaaawn*

Sor-e, that was.... REAALLLY boring, so boring I just saw the first 2 minutes.... Good job on the graphics, interesting... But, like, Bad plotting.... Really it wasnt worth watching at all.

Errr WHAT?

Is everyone here blind?? The main character is rotoscoped, the whole body is either pen traced or bitmap traced, can't you see that? Edgy frames, no actual anim. keys, noobish gradients aplied because the entire room is traced aswell, and you're retarded if you actually believe he'll spend that much time drawing a room in that many angles and detail. another thing is look at how the stick men are animated and at how the human body is.. *hint hint* one of these things is not like the other lol alsolearn to use gradients properly. the whole movie wasnt very impressive, going from bitmap tracing to your "shading" the grass looked like cloth patches, and so did everything else, and the water drop looked fake(poorly done) Well I'll give you a 10 For Style, because making everything in colour in this way was pretty creative, still graphics 0 becuse.... they sucked so yeah, work on graphics MORE MORE MORE
and before you flame me for being a level 1 judging, remember that an NG noob isnt necessarily an animation noob

Five-Iron responds:

Sorry... no rotoscoping... or pen traced... and the room... well, I'll stop pointing things out! *hint hint* back... yeah, it took me a while to do, not to put you down in your post, because I respect your opinion,and I did cut corners (even though they might not have been the easiests ways), but you're a little wrong... The thought was almost correct, but the idea was wrong... cloth patches?


That was a beautiful animation with a great message.

Unfortunately, I'm atheist, so u get a zero.