Reviews for "Upstairs"


Simply one of the most amazing and compelling flashes Ive seen in a long time. Silent, yet tells a story successfully. The ending was great, and the stickmen contrasted with the character, which is good.

Ignore those 0's They have no play here

GOD! I feel what the person under me felt, THIS DESERVES a 10, I even added it to my fav's, MAN, I know what it feels like to have to go through hell, and work on music... I make music myself... And I throughly enjoy it. 10 ALL THE WAY MAN!

kinda boring

the animation was good, the song was boring tho, it ther thing kinda put me to sleep.

Five-Iron responds:

I love sleep.


at first i was a little puzzled. the graphics seemed weird, but it really adds greatly to the style of the animation. it was very trippy at the end, but hell that was pretty damn good man. i liked it.


Great animation, a little depressing at the start but the smoothness, and the color painting was amazing! Keep it up! I loved it! Great track BTW =)