Reviews for "Upstairs"


I don't know if its what u were going for but I loved the cubist look to the people and the contrast between warm and cool colors for the beginning. This is a work of visual art... loved it

Five-Iron responds:

Yep, I once fell in love with a picture called "Cubism" I think by Picasso. Ever heard of him? Well... he is dead. But he painted a person using shades.


All i have to say is NICE!!! This flash is awesome. Combining inner feeling, relations, superb animation, suited music, and so much more. Not many have caught me the way this submission has. Keep working on flash and keep submitting, or maybe use your skill to get a profession....

Five-Iron responds:

A progession? Me?

I still bagged groceries for a living for 3 years. The last job I had was being a janitor. If I was meant to be anything great in this world, fate has a funny way of playing with me.

The message

The message I got was as follows: "Change the world in a positive way, and it will return the favor."

Five-Iron responds:

I hope you act on that message.


Chuck-eh, you're seeing this film as the guy upstairs. This animation displayed the downfall of modern isolation. It showed the guy denying contact with a woman, in uncertainty shrugging his shoulders, to go and indulge in self-gratification through music.

I see this animation much more dark. The "transformation" you must be talking about is when the protagonist began listening to music and it colored the surroundings. But then, when the video zoomed out and displayed him in his room, it looked like a television for the stick figures. Making me feel like the Protagonists life is not derrived from the passion of music but how we isolate ourselves from the outside world to dissolve our minds into entertainment. While we sit here on our computers, we're not attending to our true god given desires of love, company, friendship, or anything else. As the outside world is throwing a party and conquering the world...you see.

Five-Iron responds:

I see!

Very dark indeed. I'd say that most people are used to seeing things in a box, or coming out of some strange device. I'd even agree with you about how our own isolation creates how we see things in our own world.

A very interesting comment that I will remember.


I love the color!