Reviews for "Upstairs"

fantastic, but...

dude, that laught track is not yours. it's from the neverhood. terry s. taylor "composed" it. don't take other people's work, it's not cool.

on a lighter note...
this is the single best flash i've ever watched. it wasn't as visualy pleasing as i would have liked (the animations were jerky in some spots) but aside from that, it was emotionaly stirring and it really had a lot of thought behind it, which in my opinion, is the most important quality of any piece of art.

a suggestion: try making the stick figures less lighthearted. i thought it took away from the mood. or better yet, take them out altogether. they just seemed too goofy.

still though, excelent work. this is going in the nuber one spot.

Five-Iron responds:

YES TERRY S TAYLOR IS A GOD! Just look at my other works... I love that guy! My brother left that post confusing me and some friends for a laugh track... idiot....I still love him. I do not take credit for that!


I never review flash, mostly because I'm not an authority, but also because my viewer's passion lies in music videos, and or tales told with ambient music.

Thanks for giving me a reason to review some FLASH from newgrounds, instead of picking the audio-portal for my audio quisine.

So I do love the animation you used, though I can't say anything about it, it's not my business.

What I can comment on is the tale... and I do love how you've done it. This is definetly one of the things someone could probably imagine when listening to this...

But I have to correct you.

It's not "And find a way..." but "It's where I'll stay..." rather. Nothing big, I'm a nit-picker for such things, and if you feel like it you can beat me if you ever review my review.

You get a 10, m'dear, and also props for the family grind. KB deserves it.

-::slaps on a 10::
::eats a baby::
-Zedar, The Scythe-Monger

P.S.- For those of you who are wondering why I scored interactivity so high, I suggest you listen to KB's work. His style of music often tells a story in your mind, if you're willing to sit down and imagine it. I only wish I could make a flash movie or sommat' for everything that KB tunes up, so I can tell the stories I hear like this one. This is where you write your own story while watching another unfold. Props.

um dude...


i have nothing else to say....

Ignore those 0's They have no play here

GOD! I feel what the person under me felt, THIS DESERVES a 10, I even added it to my fav's, MAN, I know what it feels like to have to go through hell, and work on music... I make music myself... And I throughly enjoy it. 10 ALL THE WAY MAN!


nothing to say really. just a really good job.