Reviews for "Upstairs"


And the sundance independent film award goes to...

keep it up, beautiful and creative


Pure Ecstacy

I'm not an art person but I must say that this a master piece. The music- Wonderful! animation- Ecstacy for my eyes! style- Stylish!
Another reason is because I got a keyboard bout 4 days ago and I'm planning on spending all summer mastering playing it, so this movie reached out in touched me (in the crotch) Please use all your talent on more euphoriac (sp) flashes.

I haven't heard CAKE in ages

I like the intro song by Cake


That is so amazing... I am still stunned by it right now. I loved the color sequence. You kind of people are what keeps newgrounds alive with passion.

My friend and I both cried we saw this- thank you!

This flash struck a chord in me. The animation matched the music. It did not overpwer or overawe, and when the change came, it...filled me. It was beautifully done, and if your other works show this dedication, you will soon be a favorite.