Reviews for "Upstairs"

thank god

for quality flash makers like you. you fuckin rock :]

Ice cold

Very great submission great style


I don't know why or what motivated you to create this but good job. How is see it is the DJ kid is God. He imagins all the animals and people then creates a place for them to live and gives it life, color, and beauty.


Wow, I mean wow this was incredible it's truly amazing there's nothing left to say but wow....

Fantastic and Moving

This is my favorite piece of work on this site. I can totally relate, as I'm sure most of us who've watched it can. This is really an amazing song and an amazing way of conveying it and translating it into a story. I really admire this work, and I hope more inspiring things come from you. Consider me a fan. And God Speed to you too. Good to see that some still consider their talents given to them from Someone higher rather than simply things to abuse.

Five-Iron responds:

I know a billion people who say they believe in God, but they only do because they say it doesn't actually matter to them, they just believe in God because it won't hurt if they do.

Actually believing in God is something more. It's having faith in him. Placing faith into somebody, giving all your dreams and ambitions into another being, is the greatest form of love that can't be expressed.