Reviews for "Upstairs"


I will not go into the same reasons the others have given for liking this Flash submission. To say them all again would be redundant.

But no one has touch upon how emotionally moving this piece is. I think most here view Interactivity as being something that only applies to games. If a Flash video has can touch your emotional inner self, then it has interacted with you a far meaningfully then any game can. This is why I gave it a 9 for Interactivity.

Excellant story, Excellant flash!!

Five-Iron responds:

wow, that was a really interesting comment... Maybe as myself, I can start looking at Interactivity a different way. Thanks for the great numbers in you vote.

This movie was the shiz!

I don't care if there wasn't any interactivity or violence in this movie, you totally deserve all tens!!! You have got to make another movie like this one! And from the bottom of this heart of mine, kudos to King Bastard for OUTSTANDING music!!!!! It added so much flavor to this already wonderful movie. Even without the music it was outstanding!

Five-Iron responds:

Please support Kingbastard by hanging around his myspace site. He needs more fans like you.


Amazing animation ... awesome music ... wicked concept ... I love flash movies that make me feel something. I love it, just beautiful man.

So great...

This is the one of my favorite films, it had such a meaning, a creative flow of reality, great from any view you see it...


that was a really well made animation. you must of really thought this over. and the dinosaur is ballin

Five-Iron responds:

Thanks Mate.