Reviews for "Upstairs"


You have a wounderful artistic spirit and I hope to see more of your work like this one and less like painguin and such.


I don't jam with the whole "God wants to be in your heart" thing, but this is beautiful and perfect. I'm sending the link to a friend. Please keep animating.


Very interesting. the animation style is rather new, and the 'story' kinda makes you think. Looks kind o flike something on MTV


you just set a new standard for my 5 vote

good job

Wow, that was amazing.

I really loved how you used all the cool colors in the beginning, but as his imagination ran wild it bloomed into all the warm vibrant colors. Like he has so much more inside of him but people just cant see it. I really loved this animation and I am definatly adding it to my favorites.

Five-Iron responds:

Human's have so much potential in them. What is stopping us from obtaining it... I don't know. I really don't know.