Reviews for "Upstairs"


not so often do we see artists in the prtal that make inspirational works such as this, you are one of the few that have vision and and imagination and i thank you for keeping me entertain

peace, jayjay

Five-Iron responds:

Normal people make violent animations. They fill them up with video game parodies and obsenities for better ratings on the internet.

One day, the world will be changed by someone that can show people that the better things in life aren't found in these things...

Some people call me mediocre, that they can't see what I see. Do I care? Not really... I just continue to do what I want to do.

So prepare yourself for the mediocre.


Fantastic. Dig the style. The folks over at tastyfresh would probably dig this. Keep up the great work!


wow it blew me away amazing must have took a ton of time i give you a five out of five this is a must see


I am serious when I say this:
Go into the music industry,and do videos for artists.
You kick ass.

Five-Iron responds:

Me on MTV... I hate MTV. Same old crap stuff.


This is a great flash, the style is extremely beautiful and so is the music.
It's one of the best flashes i've seen. The graphics are so unique...
Anyway, keep up the good work!