Reviews for "Upstairs"


I have this song now for years and I still love listening to it

Thank you...

As a Musician, its hard especially in these times to do anything. I live just like the character in this Animation in a sense. Music is my life. I go mad without it. I make it, listen to it, and dream it. This only helps inspire me more. I greatly appreciate Both of your works. The music was phenomenal as was the animation. I was easily attached and I felt as if I was the character.
Thank you both for producing something so powerful and amazing. This is just as, if not better, then your "Me Bill" animation.

Thank you
10/10 (wish I could give it more)


Another musical and animation masterpiece. I love the way these animations and audios combine, lots of artistry in both parts, this one specifically is surreal, so realistic and vivid in a way, shadows and lights combine, and the glimmering cables towards the DJ stable, love the blue-green style in it, simple and conceptual, very inspirational, keep it flowing!



I liked that, every aspect of it. I liked how it ended and I liked the little tug o' the leash with the dinosaur. I liked the song and I liked the little people themselves. And I liked how his world is changed by his music.

its sooo awsome

its my kind of thing....i LOVE it , its so true...some people feel exacly like this in the world and they make up for it by expressing themselves though music...its just simply a master peice continue..bravo!, encore