Reviews for "Upstairs"

Creepy yet compelling

That sums it up pretty well. Of course, I am half asleep right now, so it seems even more unreal and dreamlike than it normally would. The voice for the song is odd, but I like the music enought that that little fact is okay.

bad song stupid video

^iv said it aaaaallllll already^


Creative and tells a story. A little creepy though.

Can you please tell me the song at the beginning?


a really cool song, and the animations were perfect.i like how people use colors that are black white or blue, liek empty, and then they fill the place with colors.But, what was the song in the menu?

Inspirational, amazing....

and a thousand other words meaning "AMAZINGLY AWESOME!"
You two really pulled this off, with brilliant music and dazzling animation, great job!