Reviews for "Upstairs"

Amazing :D

I really liked the colors :]
And the song fit in well, too :D

Very colorful, and creative.

Oh man, that was so cool with all the colors. I liked the song too.
Your milk maybe delicious, But mine is fortified with what the world wants, what it deserves. xD


I love the color!

totally awesome memory provoking.

yo bro i love this animation, im not a big flash person but this is awesome, we totally need to hang out again sometime. the animation is really smooth and it plays well, i do more still work than flash work, but from what i can see this is a great job, i thought so when you first made it and after all these years i still watch it cause it reminds me of when we all used to hang out in highschool.


You may already know, but this is some revolutionary art right here.