Reviews for "Upstairs"

nice but.....

the crappy stickmen ruined it


That was a beautiful animation with a great message.

Unfortunately, I'm atheist, so u get a zero.

that was good....

the only thing i had a problem with was.... i was finding it really good to watch it was a good style... but then it was kinda ruined by the bloody stickmen... they seemed rely out of place kinda like the animator jsut wasnt bothered wit tht bit... also the animation wasnt good all the way through things seemed to get larger and smaller rely badly... like when he gets out of bed he quite big then he touches the floor he tiny... so good but culd be improved :P


this was amazing. it was plainly beautifal.

like this may sound like soft and wierd but there is liek this little great feeling u find in art and love and love and i felt that from there ive been deep and deppressed for like forever and i just look fro things like this to make me feela little magic or something.

although im not into the god stuff. i do fight with brother alot pfyscally and metally but i no i love him its just hard to deal with ppl who are so unlike u

anyway keep up the work that was beautifal lol

Five-Iron responds:

I once had a great friend that never believe in God. He asked me questions like why I believe in something I can't see, I'd ask him questions about why he celebrated Christmas if he didn't...

Needless to say, we had our differences.

He would ask me to prove to him that God existed in such a horrible world. I one day asked him to prove to me that God didn't exist... He today is a christian.


I don't jam with the whole "God wants to be in your heart" thing, but this is beautiful and perfect. I'm sending the link to a friend. Please keep animating.