Reviews for "Upstairs"

A real artist.

A man who throws his whole life away for music. His whole life is music. The way he sees the world is based on his music, and his world opens up when the music starts. It's a little sad that we can't devote all our time, or a lot of time for that matter, to art and our hobbies, but sometimes you just cannot ignore them. The little red people and animals -- were they figments of his imagination from staying upstairs too long, or were they a representation of people who are hiding from the reality of a tough, stressful, dulling world but come together to enjoy the music and make the best of it? At any rate, this was beautiful. Keep up the exceptional work. You are an inspiration.

*Rating based on Graphics, Style, and Sound: 30/30 = 10.00


Wow, I mean wow this was incredible it's truly amazing there's nothing left to say but wow....


Wow. This flash was completely breathtaking. Usually with these serious flashes I'm closing them halfway through - I get so bored, but with this one I just couldn't take my eyes away. I especially liked the attention to detail when all the surrounding area becomes multi - coloured. The animation on that and several other parts was fantastic. A very very well done flash.

I never really liked the serious stuff, but

this was wonderful. I can't believe you only have 4.1 for this flash, so unfair.... There are people submitting uncomplete works here, some shitty stuff and they get a higher rating than you. WTF well watever u know what I gave you XD


this is going on my favs its awesome its a welcome break from the violence and randomness of other flash films.well done
also to the last reviewer wtf has being an atheist got to do with it!! your reviewing the flash not a religion!!
anyway good flash
peace out.