Reviews for "Dead Silent 2"


Been starving for another quality, Xiao Xiao - like animation. Thanks for answering!

Haxxy responds:

Yeah, I always wanted to end world hunger. With Xiao Xiao?


that was pritty cool stuff loved th way it flowed
i think another one would be cool
one lil complaint tho no swords
other than tht very very cool

Haxxy responds:

Swords would make it too easy for our hero...and if the enemy had swords, the good guy would just take it after he killed the sword guy. Not every stick figure animation fits with swords =)

well done

Very very nice graphics...i would never make it so smought.
i think u are a Stickmaster ;)

Haxxy responds:

When I try animating something new, it usually turns out pretty bad so I get frustrated and redo it a couple times, until I get used to it, and that's when it turns out to be pretty "smought." There is a community of people who are known to be the stick figure veterans, and although I'm not as known as many of them, I've been told I belong in that category =)

Stick at it

Loved the movie, was very well animated, i actually believed those little sticks were people lol. Look forward to more soon :)

Haxxy responds:

Thanks. =) You won't be seeing any large animations from me soon (Dead Silent 3 is a long way off), but I'll be in a StickToons collaboration here and there. Look out for them on the front page =)

WOW you are amazing!!

you are amazing!!
the animation is nearly as smooth as xiao xiao the effects are amazing the whole movie was sooo good.
and abit like the matrix fight :)
well done

Haxxy responds:

Thanks =) I have my own unique techniques that Zhu didn't use to make Xiao Xiao, as well as my animation being at 24 frames per second, compared to his 18 frames per second. Flash is also a lot older now and people have gotten better in general.