Reviews for "Dead Silent 2"


This was seriously freaking awesome. One of the best stick movies i have ever seen. It had alot of really good action, and even made me laugh at a few points. I really like the way you animate the characters. Even thought they are but humble stickmen, they move in a charicteristically human way that is largely missing from other stick flics. I actually found my self more intrigued with the main stick's movement that the action at certain times in the movie. Great job, keep it up.

Haxxy responds:

Making the stick figure move smoothly and realistically is rare and a real challenge today, so I guess that's why people find their eyes on it. Thanks =)

Hello and Nice job

Nice job Haxxy as I've said before ^_^
Though as I did say there are some parts that are a little messed up such as him jumping around, he got a little longer but went back to normal size pretty quickly.
Well Good job :)

Haxxy responds:

You critic, no one else noticed that. =) Besides, I have my own technique i use in order to keep the stick figures the same size since I redraw them every frame, and it doesn't work when they jump.


This was the best stick fight ever. Believe me I've seen hundreds and hundreds of stick fight movies and I think this is the best. Personally I think your the next xiao xiao.I like the blasts the fighting the smoothing combat,everything. Great job. Hope you make a third!!! GREAT JOB!

Haxxy responds:

Of course I'll make a third one, thanks! =)


i saw the first one last year, and i just decided to go to sfdt today and saw this. i obviously decided to come here cuz i knew it would be here. and its awesome, at first i was like...oh no, wtf the screen is tiny, but it was cool with the explosion and making it bigger.

so yeah, ive already seen dead silent one, and this was an exellent sequel, and im with you, there isnt many fighting toons out there now, so i too try to keep them going with the xiaoness, and thats why i make them. although there is always those people who say 'omfg xiao style, sux' or 'omfg sticks, sux' but i love making em and thats why. and finally ive seen a brilliant author who can make them plain fights great. i applaud you.

so yeah, the bg wasnt much, but thats fine, flat surface, flat ground fight, fine. and i know its hard to get lots of them on the screen at once without them dieing quickly, but alternatively you could have loads and they could get knocked down easy, but get back up again, and after a couple of knock downs, they die, that would make it more realistic.

so keep it up, ill be looking out for the next one (in a couple of years ;p). but if you can, sooner :p. erm yeah, thats about all i have to say. and it is brilliant, but im gonna give a meer 9/10 rather than the full 10, as it can always be improved...and i know you wont dissapoint.

flaws: died too easily
i suppose there could be more weapons
mabey a background, although without one is fine, it'd be good to have the sticks be interactive with the background.

coolness stuff: great fight moves
overall thing was just great

im glad to see a fight like this again, its been a long time since ive seen one of these as good as this, well done.

Haxxy responds:

I'm glad to see that people remember Dead Silent 1 from last year, but now that I look back at it, the physics and some of the moves aren't too great. Although it's still entertaining to watch.

ZT and I wanted to make the background simple so it wasn't distracting. I was thinking of having silhouettes or blurred out moving machinery, but that would be too much on the viewer and would have them take their eyes away from the stick figures themselves.

It'll be a while before I make a mass-fighting animation with tons of stick figures, but I've planned to add some more realistic things like that since there's not much else to improve on. I'm glad to see other animators can give me constructive criticism so I can improve even more in the future. Thanks =)


I really did not know what to expect because I haven't seen of your earlier work. This was outstanding! I love it! The animation is sooo smooth and funny. best stick men flash EVER!
I say "HUZZAH!"

Haxxy responds:

Thanks! =) Now you do know what to expect for the future.