Reviews for "Dead Silent 2"

Awesome , and one more thing.

Did u know that dead silent is actually a movie that used to be in the theaters? Well , it used to be in the theaters. Its actually a horror kind of movie , but some people said it sucked , but anyway awesome movie! Keep it up!

Haxxy responds:

Haha, I was actually not aware of that whatsoever. I just hope people don't think the same about mine. T_T

Wow, blast from the past haha.

I reviewed the first Dead Silent more than two years ago, on April 10, 2005. Gave it 10 stars and loved it.

You wrote back "Okay, heh, I'm already planning this second Dead Silent out. help me think of a name for it, hehe.
Well, the main plot is that there are at least a hundred more red guys that need to be fought, the black guy is getting stronger and has some kind of power like the blue guy only he can't fly or shoot that big energy blasts, and, um, he's gonna fight them off while spawning tons of different weapons in his hands or something like that. It'll be called Dead...something.
Dead Serious. Yeah, that's good. Expect this animation within half a year. =PPP"

It came out a year later and you didn't use the title you promised! T.T (XD)

Anyway, great job. I loved it, but it missed the climactic battle that number one had! If you're gonna do more, definitely have a "boss-type" guy at the end, like the blue guy in number one. Nonetheless, it was awesome

Haxxy responds:

Hehe, it makes me happy that you remember a little animation that long back. =) After a while and with some advice, I decided I should submit the animation without the subtitle, but if you look closely on the menu screen, I did indeed leave it in there. =) A lot of my original intentions came true, but I didn't involve as many weapons because I wanted to focus more on the realistic body movements and I didn't want to give the main character and obvious advantage over everyone else.
The climax? Yeah, sorry about that. I promised myself I'd make Dead Silent 3 after getting a new computer, but guess what? I still don't have one. But I'm probably going to be building one after Christmas, fortunately, since I really need it to handle some of the larger programs I now use on my computer.
So Dead Silent 3 was going to be the big boss fight. I have a lot planned out. Music, powers, climaxes, turns of events, etc. However, although it would be a dream come true to release Dead Silent 3 as my last ever stick figure Flash animation, it may not be released at all, or at least not anytime soon. =( This is mainly because my friends and I have started production of a website, and that combined with several other things I'm trying to keep up with might just not leave enough time to be making another big movie.

But I hope as much as you do that it will one day show itself.


Pretty fluid animation, but you're full of shit.

Get over yourself, buddy.

Haxxy responds:

...Sorry about that. Although this animation and most of these reviews are over a year old now, and I'm nowhere near proud of it as I used to be. I know it's not the best thing in the world.


I REALLY need to know if you used pivot. Great animation though

Haxxy responds:

I could never have done this with Pivot. I used Macromedia Flash 8.

WOW! Yuo made two movies! N thier both As GOOD! 10

YEA! YEA! YEA! Professional preloader! I LOVE it! mon! but i noticed if there's a dead silent 1 N dead silent 2 THERE SHOULD be a Dead Silent 3! HAHAHA! Dude...that was only a predict! Btw... ur sticks are almost as big as Triggen's just that urs is in a different angle! Love the 3D hammer! Work up ^_^

Haxxy responds:

You won't be seeing Dead Silent 3 for a long time. But when you do, I can assure you that it will reach far beyond any other stick figure animation of its time. It will be at 30 frames per second rather than Dead Silent 1 and 2's 24 frames per second, and will contain special effects greater than you would ever expect to see in a simple stick figure animation. I'm improving with physics and realistic movements every time I try to animate something new, so expect a whole lot in the future...if you're still around by the time I complete it.