Reviews for "Dead Silent 2"

props to you!

this was by far the best submission i have reviewed all day. i see a little bit of xiao xiao in you (i'm not saying anything more, cuz xiao xiao is the ultimate bad ass lol) but you DEFINATELY have got some skills...looking forward to further submissions, and the music was very good for this, it was great use of Metal Gear Solid 2 music. keep up the good work!

Haxxy responds:

Being an animator myself, I personally spot a ton of flaws in Xiao Xiao. Take a closer look at his spin kicks - he basically just lifts his leg up and spins around.

needs more blood

dude its good, but stabbing with no blood?
great visuals

Haxxy responds:

Sometimes I add blood, but this was shown in school, and to some slighly younger audiences. Although it's not too realistic, it helps cut down the gruesome factor a bit.

awesome job

exciting, intense, fun to watch. bravo, and i want to see more of your stuff

Haxxy responds:

Then go watch Dead Silent 1. Search Dead_Silent, not Dead Silent. Or just go to the "other submissions by this author" thing.


good job man keep up the good work

Haxxy responds:

Thanks, Shitmonkey. 420.


very good animation, was fluid for a stick toon! keep up the spectacular work!


Haxxy responds:

Fluidness is what I spend time practicing, I'm glad you recognized it. =)